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party like a rockstar :-D

things have been so blah lately. school is
such a drag. when is it not, and i need to
accomplish on going to saturday school next
weekend cuz ive failed to go the last couple

didnt go to school cuz i had a doctors
appoinment. came home around 11 and my aunt
didnt want to take me to school cuz she's lazy.
had a dentist appoint. @ 3 went to that, boyfriend
came over and we just layed around then went
to his house, took a shower had to rush home
cuz Erynne was @ my house sitting there waiting
for me and doing my sister's hair and make-up WUT
A FAG. called rach got ready and went over to
GAAAARREEEAT! :-D went home around 11:30 stoppped
by Jack's then went home. Stacy came over after work.
LOL shes a crack up. Dustin left and we started our
night of wonderful fun off.
"My hair's not big"
"I look like shit"
"i got makeup in my eye, im drunk but its in there"
came home from a gay night @ like 2:30 LOL
changed Stacey and Erynne left to get food @ jacks.
came back called jacks @ like 4 and complained cuz
the food was soggy, we we get free food i guess.
laughed and made fun of each other till we fell asleep.

we woke up like 3 hours from went we passed out boyfriend
came over we all ate breakfast and tried to watch a movie
Stacey left so boyfriend erynne and i went to beach for
a couple hours. dropped erynne off went back to my house
layed around then left to boyfriends and pizza hut, got
a free pizza from stacey went back to boyfriends to eat
came home showered and got ready for the night. picked up
britt went to keri's left went to shans left went to travis's
sat there and watched every1. JOEY came over w/ ryan josh ree
and chelsea. MISSED JOEY LYNN GASSERT :-D he's beautiful.
came home watched alien vs. predator w/ boyfriend he left
i went to bed boyfriend came back over and slept.
this morning woke up and went to church. went out to eat
stopped down @ fashion valley and came home fell asleep
now im here updating this pain in the ass thing.
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