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i guess u can say that ...

so i miss all my girls, and i miss
going out ((whatever that means))
i have a alot to update on. alot
of lame shit w/ my family but wuts
new w/ that. girls i love u all and
like to hell w/ all this gossip shit
cuz im friends w/ every1. me and
dustin are some what together again
((whatever that means)) but we just
got into an argument so who knows
where thats going to end up. havent
seen my TWISTER BUDDY in awhile or
hung out w/ my DA DA DA DON. ERYNNE'S
went to dinner last week w/ some of
the girls and that was fun. i guess
dinner will always be @ chilleeees
from now on. my baby cousin has been
in and out of the hospital for the
last week and its been scaring me alot.
i go into the hospital on monday for
a nose job. LOL j/k its for my nose tho
i guess you'll see when i come back
IDK when i go in for my head. hopefully
i wont anymore. i guess thats all for
now ...

>>don't forget to dream about green t's and faded jeans<<

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I will Be The First To Visit You In the Hospital..Love Ya Lots!!
Well firt just wanted to say i'm going to turn The BIG 16 in like a few hours damn I can't wait....saturday is girls nite and oh for sure we will get into some trouble!!!!;) I can't wait girlie! Well i know this has been a HARD... week lol get it...i've lost it what can i say but I'm here for ya and things will get better I promise and if not FUCK EM!!!!I love you lil miss have a wonderful weekend w/ me of course the one and only!!! haha well

Peace Out Girl Scout
i hope everythign works out babe :-/
Cuttest picture i love it
I just wanted to let you know that I am offically 16 & couldn't be happier!!! Can't wait to see you 2nite!!! Love You!!!!!
what your with sumone else?? what happened with eddie?