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Just Do It As Hard As You Can..I Like It Like That

loving the whole 4 day weekend thing.
thank god finals are over :-)

went over to my Shels house.
helped her get ready then kev, ash,
and alex came over. finally went over to
marissa to meet up w/ travis, chris,
marissa, her sis, and laurie. got there
and argued bout where to go out to eat.
supposed to go to hooters but its was like 9
so we all went to olive garden. shared
chicken alfredo w/ the birthday girl.
um Travis's hair cut was way funny, a lil
uneven. after me laurie shels and ash picked
up katie went to stephens but the guy were
being lame so we left went back to the guys
house and hung out. kev shels and trav played
kings while i tried to fall asleep, really
didnt happen cuz chris darren and alex were all
in there too, really thought the trailer was
going to collapse w/ so many bodies in it.
all hung out me and shels went home

me and shels woke up and ate toast :-) deifinately
out thing now! layed around all day, kev nad alex came
over. i took shel's lil sisters to the park. theyre
cute! had fun w/ them so i promised to take them again.
alex took me home, he's a sweetheart. ho bag erynne
came over and got ready w/ me. christina and britt
picked us up and we went out to chilleeees. met up w/
stacy took so weird pictures before they called us.
ate dinner, stacy took us to the guys house. got there
and ppl i didnt think were going to be there were there.
some shit went down nothing big. o well after i changed
out of my dress me erynne and christina left w/ michael
and bryan. love saying michael's whole name. went over to
scott's aunt house chilled w/ some ppl went home in the
morning. playing kings "Zach's my daddy" "Zach's my bitch"
he makes up lame rules, mine are better :-)

came home showered layed down fell asleep. eddie called
around 8 said he was coming to get me. way too tired to get
ready so i just layed there till he called back and said
he was outside. threw on some clothes and left. dropped bryan
@ his house went to zach's. zach was mad michael invited ppl
over and then left. sat around talked got tired. went over to
eddies fell asleep cuz we didnt think anything was happening.
got up and i went home aorund 12 and didnt do anything for
the rest of the night. kinda liked the idea of staying home
cuz i needed to catch up on sleep.

Today, so far took a shower still havent brushed my hair
called my love erynne. might go over to erynne later then
maybe cheyenne's. who knows but im tired really sore cuz i
had my trainer this morning. so im going to lay down


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