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lately things have been kinda upside down but i know ill get through it all in the end i absolutely love all my friends cause they, of course, make my life worth while :-D I cant wait for spring break especially the first week cause im spending the whole entire time w/ my LOVE BRITT :-D shes the shit so u know. anyways EVERY1 MY SWEET 16TH IS THE FRIDAY WE COME BACK TO SCHOOL ... APRIL 8TH ... DONT FORGET:-D

school's been fine highlights of my classes 1st- alyssa bri christina robert and danielle CLAY SUCKS 2nd- danielle and now lauren 3rd- i love listening to every1 bitch and complain, chelsea hottest milf !! our vagina's are the best. 4th- I LOVE NICHOLAS MICHEL-ANGELO SICA amber v is nuts marty i freakin love u and ur whole family LOL 5th- micheal my brother i love you "we have to sit next to each other i have to look out for her" amber again is a queer KURI gets me in a lot of trouble 6th dally ash emilia brandon ryan grant and jon jon ummm we never should of been in the same class lol all for now

Jillian and Pinard umm WOW FREAKS


comment lovers


always Me :-D

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