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so far today :-D

alright soo besides the fact the past week
was pretty shitty .. today made up for
a most of it

so im late to class this morning, seeing as
i was late i figured id take my time and take
a bubble bath, that was nice. get dressed go
to like 15 minutes of 1st, late to 2nd cuz
Britt is an idiot and didnt know wut she was
doing. Watched this morning in 2nd, really
boring. Found Britt w/ Chey took Jen's key's
((sooo i freakin love Jen and her freakin car))
Me and Chey left school went to every1's house in
Santee then finally ended up @ Cory's and Chuck
came over my new friend :-D this guy is WAY TALL
we shared some mexican and watched the Football
video for Santana. Went bac to school, dropped
jen's car off and now im home .. soo far a
wonderfuly and pleasant day w/ this one chick named
Cheyenne :-D love ya girl and of course Jen

p.s. Jen i know u bump in that shit

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