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this for all my people all my people

i layed around ALL day cuz im
lazy as hell. :-)

i got up TRIED calling Dallas Hawaiian
name Martin all day cuz it was his effin
sweet 16th birthday :-) WHOO HOO for dally!
anyways took a shower and called my lover
RACH and she came and got me and we went back
to her house. when i got there i seriously had
to sit for a full 30 minutes and listen ot her
PSYCHO SISTER talk bout "channing tatum" from
the movie Coach Carter. seriously not even
that hot. finally Rach was shower dressed and
ready to leave the door! had to really get
out of that house. on our way into santee
this guy was next to us, So you know i leaned
over a little to check him LOL so funny he was
doing the same thing :-) yea he was cute. u know
those froaders are hot! go over to Mel's she takes
FOREVER getting ready. i mean FOREVER! "ok im going
to put it up and you're going to push it back" "so
you know im really flexible" "next guy i get w/ is
going to be real lucky" ... u know just a couple
things said @ her house. after we go down to
the El Cajon tracks and watch ryan and matt ride
around. really thought we were going to see hot guys
there were none, only cuz the one i wanted to see ride
wasnt there :-( try going to the movies starts @ 6 not 7:30.
HIDING in the truck w/ Mel is seriously the shit. Shan
has stinky toes! i like miniature golf and 8 years olds hitting
on us. i like ot steal golf clubs :-) um ice cream
is seirously soo damn good. albertoes is scary @ night.
Rach watches me take shower :-) eewww grose LESBIAN
i like blue jelly masks they help me go to sleep. um Kev's
late night calls are soo fucking disturbing >:o going to school
scrub style is always nice. im tired ot typing, thats all for now :-)

<3 the oNe & onLy

p.s. ALYSSA i've missed you :-D

p.s.s. i seriously love all my girls theyre the best :-D
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